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Primary student develops daily living skills


Wikitoria in class

Figure 1 Wikitoria in class

Wikitoria is 10 years old and she attends a large primary school in her local area.  She is a 0.1 ORS student on the BLENNZ roll.  In figure 1 Wikitoria is in class.

Wikitoria is working with her BLENNZ Resource Teacher Vision (RTV), Robyn Black to her improve literacy skills.

Specific areas of focus during their weekly sessions include comprehension and following instructions.  As well as learning to follow written instructions Wikitoria is also learning to problem solve and interpret information.

Using recipes

Wikitoria is kneading dough

Figure 2 Wikitoria is kneading dough

Wikitoria loves to bake, and this provides an excellent vehicle to support literacy, numeracy and skills.

Baking with a small group of friends has provided the opportunity for Wikitoria to participate in a group – initiating conversations, answering questions, delegating tasks and working on a task with others.  In figure 2 Wikitoria is kneading dough.

Prerequisite skills

Wikitoria leaning to measure liquid ingredients

Figure 3 Wikitoria leaning to measure liquid ingredients

During the year, Wikitoria has been learning how to read a recipe, to measure ingredients using measuring cups and spoons and how to use the oven.  Wikitoria loves to read cookbooks.  She has selected recipes that she would like to try, and has typed up a shopping list for her RTV.  Figure 3 shows Wikitoria learning to measure liquid ingredients.

In figure 4 Wikitoria is mixing the ingredients together and figure 5 show the finished product – delicious muffins.

Wikitoria is mixing the ingredients together

Figure 4 Wikitoria is mixing the ingredients together

Delicious muffins

Figure 5 the finished product – delicious muffin





Possible next steps

  • Wikitoria will learn how to use measuring scales.
  • Select recipes with new techniques.

Teaching methods and strategies

  • Problem Solving – (how can I measure two cups of flour when it is only 1 cup?).
  • Modelling and guidance – baking techniques – cracking eggs folding in flour.
  • Prompting – (have you turned the oven on?).
  • Fading – less prompting is needed – Wikitoria remembering to turn the oven on to the correct temperature at the beginning of the task.
  • Chaining – working through each step of the recipe.
  • Multiple exposure – Wikitoria has had multiple experiences to enhance and refine skills.
  • Sequencing – Photographs of each stage of the baking process are used in follow up sessions for sequencing activities (IEP goal).

Learning adaptations

  • Provided enlarged and simplified recipes for Wikitoria.


  • Anecdotal evidence from the classroom teacher –
  • My own observations/narrative assessment.
  • Measurable IEP goals – “Practice sequencing of ideas using four or more photographs and writing sentences to match”.

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