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New entrant learner develops braille literacy skills

August 15, 2016 by blennzict | 0 comments

Fingers on the Mountbatten

Figure 1 Fingers in correct position

Kohl is a five year old boy who is blind and is attending his local primary school.  He transitioned from preschool to primary school in term one this year. He has settled into the classroom routines very well.

Here Marg Crosswell, BLENNZ Resource Teacher of Vision who works alongside Kohl explains his transition and the process of developing pre-braille skills.

In Figure 1 Kohl has his fingers in the correct position on the Mountbatten brailler. Continue Reading →

Teaching NZSL alphabet to a primary learner who is deafblind and has down syndrome

October 14, 2015 by blennzict | 0 comments

Child sitting on a chair signing W with her hands

Figure 1 Grita signing W

Grita is a 10 year old girl who is deafblind, has Down Syndrome and developmental delay.  She is blind in her left eye and has 4/60 vision in her right eye.

Grita is in a mainstream setting and is attending her local primary school.

Here BLENNZ Resource Teacher: Vision Lynlee Pendrigh who is her weekly ORS teacher, talks about how Grita uses key New Zealand Sign Language signs and speech to communicate alongside her peers in the classroom.

In figure 1 Grita is signing the letter W. Continue Reading →

Brain Gym as warm up to learning computer skills for Dolphin Guide user

October 31, 2013 by blennzict | 1 Comment

Ashley at the computer

Figure 1 Ashley at the computer

Ashley is a 16 year old blind student who attends a unit at his local high school.

He is working with his Resource Teacher Vision, Virginia Ashby, learning to make use of the keys on the computer keyboard so that he can make choices after listening to the instruction on the Dolphin Guide computer programme.

Figure 1 shows Ashley at the computer. Continue Reading →

Primary student uses Cranmer Abacus to develop skills in subtraction

September 16, 2013 by blennzict | 0 comments

Subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus

Figure 1 Subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus

Shannon is 10 years old and is currently attending her local primary school and transitioning to intermediate for 2013.

She participates in Practical Maths mornings which are planned by the BLENNZ Wellington team at least once a term, to provide concentrated sessions for braille learners on practical aspects of the New Zealand Maths Curriculum.

Topics covered include abacus skills, practical geometry, reading and creating diagrams and graphs.  In figure 1 Shannon is doing subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus. Continue Reading →

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