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Primary student uses Cranmer Abacus to develop skills in subtraction

September 16, 2013 by blennzict | 0 comments

Subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus

Figure 1 Subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus

Shannon is 10 years old and is currently attending her local primary school and transitioning to intermediate for 2013.

She participates in Practical Maths mornings which are planned by the BLENNZ Wellington team at least once a term, to provide concentrated sessions for braille learners on practical aspects of the New Zealand Maths Curriculum.

Topics covered include abacus skills, practical geometry, reading and creating diagrams and graphs.  In figure 1 Shannon is doing subtraction using the Cranmer Abacus. Continue Reading →

Developing early Abacus skills at primary school

December 1, 2012 by blennzict | 0 comments

Boston using the abacus

Figure 1 Boston using a Cranmer Abacus

Boston is learning how to use an abacus to support the development of both maths concepts and calculation skills.

Boston is using a Cranmer abacus because it has proved itself to be a useful whole of life tool for people who are blind or who have low vision.

Karen Gilligan (BLENNZ Resource Teacher Vision) describes how she introduced Boston to the Cranmer abacus (fig.1) and the first activities and strategies she has used to support Boston’s learning. Continue Reading →

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