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Early reading experiences for a tactile learner

April 10, 2013 by blennzict | 0 comments

Jacob reading tactile bookJacob is a 4 year old who attends his local kindergarten. He has limited vision and a profound hearing impairment and explores his world through the tactile system.

Jacob is learning how to access literacy through tactile collage pictures and braille.

Here his Resource Teacher of Vision, Leanne Stubbing talks about how she supports him in his learning. Continue Reading →

Building on a child’s preferences: engaging visual attention with tactile symbols

May 30, 2012 by blennzict | 0 comments

Charley is visually aware of her name card

Figure 1 Charley is visually aware of her name card

Charley is just beginning to use her vision to engage in what is happening around her.

Robin Stesel describes how in collaboration with Charley’s family, Charley’s visual preferences were recognised and used to support visual engagement using personalised tactile symbols. Continue Reading →

Using real objects and objects of reference to support communication and understanding

May 12, 2012 by chrissiebutler | 0 comments

Spoon as object of referenceTo support understanding, real objects and objects of reference can be used as the building blocks of an early tactile communication system.

Ann Gregory describes how she is using the systematic presentation of a small number of objects to enable Thomas to have more understanding of, “What’s next?” in his day.

Thomas is 14 years old and attends his local special school. Continue Reading →

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