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Using Objects of Reference to Communicate Daily Routines

September 13, 2013 by blennzict | 0 comments

Eddie touching a towel

Figure 1 Eddie touching a towel before his swim time

Eddie is a 16 year old student with low vision, Cortical Vision Impairment and complex needs.  He is enrolled with the Correspondence School of New Zealand.

Eddie’s learning involves community activities and experiences.  Travel to and from these activities have often resulted in Eddie being upset and unsettled.

Jo Mather his Resource Teacher of Vision talks about how real objects with verbal prompts/signs have helped to settle him.  In figure 1 Eddie is touching a towel before his swim time. Continue Reading →

CCTV to support visual literacy

July 17, 2012 by blennzict | 3 Comments

Using a CCTV Josiah, aged 6, is able to see the details in the pictures more easily.

The magnification function allows Josiah to zoom in and out to suit his needs.

Leanne Stubbing from BLENNZ Wellington describes how Josiah uses the CCTV to access both print and visual information in the classroom.

Leanne also reflects on the development of Josiah’s visual literacy skills. Continue Reading →

Recognising symbols in the environment: High school students develop visual literacy skills

May 12, 2012 by blennzict | 0 comments

Students looking up to find signs

Figure 1 Students looking up to find signs

At a local high school, three students with cortical vision impairment (CVI) have been participating in a weekly 45 minute programme to support their understanding of signage around their school.

BLENNZ educators Glenda Atkins and Kerrin Tattersfield-Smith, describe some of the opportunities and activities they have facilitated to build the students’ understanding of visual communication in their local environment. Continue Reading →

Learning to read: communicating and receiving ideas and information

May 10, 2012 by blennzict | 0 comments

Turning page to discover what will happen nextTravis is almost 6 years old and is learning to read.

As he has an alternating vertical squint and nystagmus, Travis has had to develop some skills and strategies to help him track from left to right.

Alex describes how she has worked alongside Travis to support him in gaining these new skills. She also gives an overview of the teaching strategies she uses to support an emergent reader. Continue Reading →

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