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An intermediate student with Achromatopsia using an iPad for maths


Andrew in class

Figure 1 Andrew in class

Andrew is an 11 year old boy with achromatopsia who started at his local intermediate school at the beginning of 2012.

Andrew has Specific Learning Disabilities in the areas of spatial concepts, visual recall, sequencing and working memory.

Andrew is supported by his Resource Teacher of Vision Jo Sewell.

Figure 1 shows Andrew in class.

Maths on the Whiteboard

Figure 2 Maths on the Whiteboard


Magnification with an iPad

Andrew is learning to use an iPad in Maths to magnify the text/symbols on the whiteboard for maintenance and his WALT (We Are Learning To) for his maths interchange.

As well he is using the iPad to help him to learn his times tables.

Prerequisite skills

Andrew has been learning to touch type on a PC laptop and is now transferring those skills to an iPad and learning new skills especially how to use the Scanner Pro app and photo function.

Using an iPad to magnify the board

Figure 3 Andrew using an iPad to magnify the board

He has mastered the iPad photo and Scanner Pro app – taking a photo of the appropriate work on the white board.  Initially he needed to take the photo up close to the whiteboard now he can take the photo from his desk and enlarge it as necessary.

Andrew has difficulty in remembering his multiplication basic facts and is using the iPad to reinforce these facts by using a time tables app.

In figure 3 Andrew is using an iPad to magnify the board.

Possible next steps

  • To use the iPad as a magnifier in other subjects.
  • To encouage Andrew to use the features of the iPad.
  • To be able to accurately complete his each of his tables 1-12 in 1.20 minutes.

Teaching methods and strategies

  • Regular scheduled times to practise times tables and learn to use appropriate iPad apps.
  • Initially experimenting and modelling photography techniques and moving onto total independence.

Learning adaptations

Andrew is very light sensitive and glare is a constant problem for him.  His seating position should avoid glare from side windows and overhead lights.  In a classroom with fluorescent lights he should be seated between banks of lights rather than directly under them.

Black/blue whiteboard markers give the best contrast as long as they are not faint.
  Andrew gets eye fatigue very quickly if he has to strain to read written material that is not enlarged appropriately.


Anecdotal evidence from the classroom teacher and talking with Andrew and his mother.
  My own observations
 and measurable IEP goals.

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